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displayName missing for some magazines
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There is displayName empty for magazines that are used in certain vehicles including NATO CAS plane and UAV Greyhawk. Not big bug, but using the displaynames for my virtual platoons to display what ammo and how much the platoon connected vehicles are carrying. Would be nice addition to have those named for all. ;)

Example video, check at 5:01 how nice it looks for tanks -> ;)


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Noticed those still show when flying the plane. Where the magazine names are taked for e.g. "1000Rnd_Gatling_30mm_Plane_CAS_01_F"? Cant find it in configfile >> "CfgMagazines" >> "1000Rnd_Gatling_30mm_Plane_CAS_01_F" or ammo or in the plane config. :S

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Found it in CfgWeapons so probably so this ticket might be unneeded. Doing more testing and then removing this ticket.

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You can remove this ticket, false alarm - sorry. Tried to take this down myself but got "Access denied".