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Editor: Mark Group leader
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Hello! Why isn't group leader somehow marked on minimap ? Like player is marked by red circle, group leader should be marked for example with green circle or with his rank. In editor It's sometimes not easy to see what unit is leader of which group.


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Eh? The leader is the unit who has all the lines pointed at him.

  1. Which is not very well visible when looking at map from afar or when there are milions of lines everywhere
  2. When there are only 2 units in group, which of these two is leader??

Seriously there should be any kind of mark to identify group leader

If you have millions of lines everywhere, you're doing it wrong.

And it's just as easy distinguishing the leader in a two man group. You always put the leader in front.

Seriously, I think you're the only one who's ever had an issue with this.

Yeah... I agree with MulleDK19.
It's pretty easy to tell who the group leader is even with 2 units in a group...

@TakeHomeTheCup: Don't even get me started on 1 unit.