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AI fog visibility is not consistent with actual visiblity.
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AI and player spot targets 600m away through thick fog [0.8 / 80% fog slider] -- actual visiblity is limited to 200m

I've tried to make a mission at 111087 (the mountain on the south west of Altis] with thick fog...

My 'player character' keeps calling out targets kilometers away.. when my visibility is reduced to 300-400 at most, my ability to accurately identify hostile, not shooting at me, targets is 200m. Not to mention the AI's ability to spot and shoot up through this thick fog without provocation.

I also used (and often use, but not in this particular case/test) the setFog command. It would be nice if fog set by this was taken into consideration as well, as currently the AI seems to not take much notice of that either..

So to be clear there are 2 problems... The AI's ability to 'spot' through fog.. and the players ability to reveal when he's not physically able to see something.



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Steps To Reproduce

Load mission...
look out towards the north.. randomly right click in the fog...
..wait for your 'persona' to tell about all the things he cant possibly see..

..wait and scan the base of your mountain and/or anywhere to the north of you, right clicking a lot.. You will spot the targets and tell your squad about them long before you see them...

If you don't do this, eventually AI squads will come up the mountain, shooting long before they should see you regardless.

Additional Information

Anywhere where the A.I visibility is not 'spot-on' is going to make the AI appear incredibly unnatural and since it seems to be tied in to the players ability to spot for his squad.. in SP and MP coop this issue is detrimental: Players shouldn't be able to use this as a crutch in the 2 ways that it currently is/can be.

  • People often get 'saved' by their avatar telling them about a hostile they're clearly unaware of..
  • You can just sweep the horizon/area of interest right-clicking because even if you don't see it.. your avatar will. Failing that you can just sit in a building and your avatar will accurately report who's firing at you outside...

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i can agree i just tested this