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AI memebers won't "engage" any enemy unless they are set to "engage at will" via engage commands
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If you have some AI units under your command and you select one or several of them, then click on an enemy unit, they target that as player say, if you select them and click again on same enemy, they must engage and try to flank and fight against that enemy unit as player say (like what happens in arma 2) but they won't engage unless that you set them as " engage at will" via engage commands.


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Steps To Reproduce

1- place your self as a leader of a soldier in editor.
2- place an enemy soldier too.
3- select your unit and click on that enemy, he will target him.
4- do previous command again, he must engage as you say him but he won't.
5- set him to "engage at will" now he will engage.

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still not fixed in 1.40 update.

thanks so much with new "engage" command now this issue is fixed.