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The SKILL LEVEL should have influence on Fatigue and Weapons Sway.
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Today(v1.38) in the ArmA3 there is no way (without crazy scripting) to configure fatigue and weapons sway for the player and any bot.
Each player or bot will always have the same values of these ability and these indicators are not high values.
Yes, ofcourse the sway of weapons will not affect on the bot, however, fatigue will has big impact!
For example, if the player wants to make a mission with a quick attack enemy infantry, today it is for the player is problematic.
Enemy squad will not be able to move quickly, already after 50-80 meters this squad will slow, because fatigue has not the best indicators and is fixed(
I think that is not best thing, because in this case the game has no flexibility. Also, the soldiers in real life, can have different levels of training.

Why SKILL LEVEL has no influence on these two indicators?
It would be nice to see how these settings have effect on Fatigue and Weapons sway! Because these two abilities are directly related to the skill!

For example, if the level of skill of the player in the editor, 50%, then this unit must have 100% influence of fatigue and weapons sway.
But if the skill level is fully, then Fatigue and weapons sway can have only a 50% or even less influence on this player or bot.
In the case of lower skill, BIS can create less negative impact on the Fatigue and Sway for this unit.
For example, if the player will have only 10% skill, then the influence of Fatigue and weapons sway on this player can be no more than 120-130%.
See images below.

Thus the level of skill may have a linear effect on these two ability, relative to the current level of skill.
This will give a more flexible use of these two ability in the game and will probably satisfy some players, who disagree with the fatigue update after 1.24. {F25626} {F25627} {F25628}


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I rather just have a script command to set a multiplier for the fatigue and sway per unit.

I think that all genius should be simple.
If the player wants to change the indicators of fatigue, then he has no need to learn scripting.
Anyway it must be associated with skill settings.

Then they should make a UI slider for it. All those sliders use the script command anyway. Linking skill with fatigue makes it hard for mission editors
to have low skilled AI with normal fatigue.

"Then they should make a UI slider for it"
Note, before I have already suggested this here:

"All those sliders use the script command anyway"
Of course! But let them be in the game!

"Linking skill with fatigue makes it hard for mission editors
to have low skilled AI with normal fatigue"
Why hard!? I think this question is only the ballance qestion.
It is possible to properly balance.

I'm just saying that having a separate fatigue and sway slider/script command will allow us to still make AI/players with high skill while having low or high fatigue.

Looking at the Community Wiki,
I see what "aimingShake" dependent on the skill of the AI.
But, I noticed that influence of skills by physical endurance of the AI, was removed/disabled from A3!
It is not clear why!? This is a big chagrin

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I think it's better to separate this into some kind of strength perk - kind of level of being a physically exercised soldier, which would naturally modify all the sway, fatigue and recoil.
Since, according to certain trees and properties across the config file (i'm not sure if they were in earlier versions but whatever) BI's going to add female soldiers - giving them a positive modifier for recoils would be worthy - they are known to have a harder time managing them IRL.
I'd also expect that only those strong enough would be granted with privilege of wielding weapons such as machineguns, so that their heaviness is compensated by a soldier.
But if gameplay is a concern - all this have to be balanced with untrained incapable soldiers with crazy sways and recoils. Like females.
In any form, i'm looking forward for a way to compensate my frustration with sways.