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FFV: Kuma turned in gunner/commander have limited firing arc (180°) similar to turned out position
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When using the newly added FFV from the gunner/commander position of a MBT (tested with Kuma), the turned in position seems to inherit the maximum horizontal and vertical movement from the turned out (FFV) position. The gunner of the Kuma can turn the main turret only 180° (90° in each direction) instead of 360° and the commander has also a limited turning ability.

This occurs when the player has turned out of the gunner/commander position at least once and then closes the hatch again.


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Firing from Vehicles
Steps To Reproduce

On DEV branch:

  • create a Kuma with either the player being the gunner or commander
  • turn out and then turn back in again
  • then attempt to rotate the turret.

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Confirmed with kuma. Only seems to happen after turning out the first time

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Thanks I updated the description and steps to reproduce.

Does not happen if you place an empty Kuma and jump in as a single soldier.

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I'm not sure when, but this seems to have been fixed.