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Zeus spawn helicopters don't always work.
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When taking over control as a second pilot in AH-9 the helicopter trips back and the engine stops working


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Spawn a AH-9 helicopter via Zeus
  2. Take control of the first pilot
  3. Get the second pilot killed by infantry
  4. Get yourself killed by infantry in mid air (about 15m)
  5. Repair the helicopter via Zeus
  6. Turn the engine on as first pilot
  7. Get in as Zeus with a squad mate (Zeus as second pilot)

Try to take control

Additional Information

This only happens with the advancerd flight model on

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Your description is confusing. you say you tried to fly the helicopter after both pilots are already dead.
Was Zeus a playable unit or interface only?
What side is zeus?
Is squad mate another player?
Is this multiplayer or single player?
Was squad mate placed in editor or with Zeus interface?

Zeus was a playable unit on bluefor side squad mate was an AI in editor preview placed with the Zeus interface.