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Can't detach cables after being commanded to Lift
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If I'm in a helicopter and I'm commanded to lift a vehicle using the Lift command then that vehicle that is under me gets attached just fine but then I can't detach the vehicle from my helicopter. Also, my group leader can't command me to release the cables. The only way we have figured out to release the cables is to shoot the cables with a rifle.


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Windows 7
Sling Loading
Steps To Reproduce

Create ATV group leader unit.
Create a Hummingbird unit in group.
Fly hummingbird close over ATV.
Group leader issues Lift command to Hummingbird pilot. (ATV immediately attaches)
Pilot now cannot detach the ATV and group leader cannot issue any command to drop the ATV.

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This issue has been fixed and can be closed. Verified in version 1.80.

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