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Explosions and vehicles may cause huge lag to clients with PhysX errors
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We were playing a large mission with IEDs and tanks on the map FATA. One of the tanks Drove over an IED and was somehow slung underground and to the lower left corner of the map. After the tank was flung there, every players fps went to 5-10 fps. We had to stop playing the mission due to that. RPT show many thousand lines of this:
19:56:14 Matrix is not valid as physx transform!
19:56:14 Matrix is not valid as physx transform!

This started the exact moment when the tank drove on the IED. {F25597}


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

This is hard to reproduce, but in essence it was this:

  1. Drive a tank over IED.
  2. See if the tank transfers underground.
Additional Information

RPT file Included. I will upload additional info as I get it.

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