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diag_log executes and performs write IO within render thread causing simulation/render blocking
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diag_log currently blocks the render/simulation step to perform the actual write IO. This means that excessive RPT writting, for example the recent PhysX RPT spam issue; causes massive FPS loss in both client and dedicated server scenarios.

This FPS loss is due to the fact that diag_log blocking writes to the RPT in sequential order.

This should be moved off to its own processing thread. All diag_log calls should simply add a log message to a log queue; this queue should then be processed by a seperate logging thread, which exclusive performs write IO to the logging files.

I recommend this be moved to for all logging functionality, as IO is expensive and will cause blocking of simulation frames all over the place.


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do anything in the arma series ever. Physx Overflow logging is the current beast for this.

Alternatively, perform a tight loop of diag_log messages:

while { true } do { diag_log text format["HI!"]; }; And watch the client/server FPS drop excessively. For added fun, do these in onEachFrame.

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