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owner returning invalid clientID which breaks setGroupOwner
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As of last dev update:

EXE rev. 129214 (game)
EXE rev. 129214 (launcher)
Size: ~132 MB

owner command is returning invalid clientIDs (such as 4.21264e+008, 1.80731e+008) which breaks setGroupOwner.

Before update, clientIDs were whole numbers (1,2,3,4,5,etc) {F25561}


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Steps To Reproduce

I have attached a repro mission. Setup a dedicated server with headless client and load/join the mission. Check the server's RPT for the automated test (delay of 60 seconds).

u1 = AI group leader
h1 = headless client game logic

If auto test fails, manually run these commands in debug console on server and check server's RPT:

  1. diag_log (group u1) - returns clientID of dedicated server
  2. diag_log (group h1) - returns clientID of Headless Client
  3. (group u1) setGroupOwner (owner h1)
  4. diag_log (group u1) - notice locality has not changed, clientID should be equal to Headless Client clientID but is not
Additional Information

This other ticket could possibly be related to dev patch or at least deals with HC functionality:

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HC still needs a lot of work to make it fully automated which is where it should be