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Player/AI inventory broken when reloading weapon directly from vehicle inventory while in vehicle.
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As the title says.


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Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

In editor:
1 - place a player-vehicle somewhere and hit preview.
2 - Open player inventory while inside vehicle.
3 - Unload weapon of choice.
4 - Drag fitting magazine from vehicle inventory directly to weapon magazine slot.
5 - Observe that the magazine disappears into the void.
6.1 - Note: from here on and onward, you cant transfer stuff to the player inventory until death/restart.
6 - Try to move anything from any inventory to player inventory.
7 - Observe that nothing is transferred, and the item disappears.

This can also be reproduced with teammate inventory.

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Just confirmed this on a second 'puter of mine.
Also this does not happen on the stable build.

This ticket can be marked as fixed, as the issue seems to be gone in the recent dev branch.

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