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Ability to control trigger condition check treshhold
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Hello BIS Team,

it would be great to deliver a treshhold for condition checks on triggers.
Reason: The trigger is being checked every 0.5 second.

I want to save some cpu cycles and want to check it every 5 seconds. The option Trigger Timeout is controlling IF the condition is true after 5 seconds repeatedly, but not the condition check itself.

Thanks and Regards


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currently i am creating some trigger based scripts, because i want to get rid of while loops on the server.

While i programmed the scripts i tried find the most efficient way to analyze clientactions. The trigger seemed to be a solution, because these are directly engine integrated and hopefully optimized actions.

I played around with triggers and this sample trigger has been created:
_triggerTimeset setTriggerStatements [

"[thislist] call armajunkies_fnc_aj_TriggerCondition",
format["[thislist, thisTrigger, '%1',true] spawn armajunkies_fnc_aj_onTerrTriggerStatusChange;conditiontime=time+5; player globalchat 'act'",_name],
// Deactivation



_triggerlist = _this select 0;
_active = false;
player globalChat str _thislist;

//TODO Es muss doch eine bessere Lösung geben?
if(isplayer _x && alive _x && ((getpos _x) select 2) < 15) then {_active=true;player globalChat "yep";};
} forEach _triggerlist;

player globalChat format["end with %1",_active];


Reason for the function: I was not able to check if a playerobject is in the thislist by using in or count for the trigger from a dedicated server.
However: The code showed the impact on my server (the little helper messages). If i have 20 triggers, which i cant optimize in their way to check the condition, than i produce a massive overhead on the cpu.

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This condition will make your function run about every 5 sec:

"round (time % 5) == 0 && {[thislist] call armajunkies_fnc_aj_TriggerCondition}"

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Hello KK,

thanks for this answer. The condition solves the problem.
Just for the others, because i want to link this issue to the biki.

Condition Eval Order: First Condition && Second Condition
If the first condition fails the code, marked as code with {} will not be executed.

First condition: Modulo time.
If the Modulo is able to divide the current time without a rest, the condition is true.
It is a perfect condition for this purpose.

I was not able to get this idea. Because my programming knowledge is not fresh. I am a server administrator and forgot some really important mathematic operations.

Please feel free to correct me.
The fr can be closed it is solved.

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