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AI seems to be converted to Super AI
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I am not sure if this is a bug or a user's error but for the life of me I have not been able to find where I might be causing for following event.

AI are spawn on Headless Client with a certain skill. A script file is applied to them and through setskill command that original skill is modified per category (aiming, endurance e.t.c). I am assuming that the dedicated server profile compulates the above result. So far all is as expected as seen through a skillFinal command.
About 20 to 30 sec later all spawned AI are coverted to settings that resemble Super AI. AI also behaves as such.
There is no script applied to them that explains this conversion to super level.
I have spend 4 days trying to figure this out just to make sure it is not user error.
It is not limited on Dedicated server/Headless client. Same mission with some modifications of course run on a Dedicated environment only produces a similar report. AI instead of being in 0.9 range are in 0.8 range.
All skillFinal results are reported to the machine AI were created to avoid previously reported desynch issues.
My question is: Do you guys know anything about this or should I keep looking into my missions guts. :) {F25521} {F25522} {F25523} {F25524} {F25525} {F25526} {F25527} {F25528} {F25529}


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Attaching 3 Headless Client reports and One dedicated server report to show that a similar event is happening in either settings.

A litte note on how data is print on the rpt file:
As soon as a group of AI is spawn, changes to their skill levels is print to rpt followed by a skillFinal print to confirm the immediate compulation of intelligence. All is as expected there.

Two or Three times in the mission's time another script that checks the skillFinal of allUnits is run and its results printed on the rpt. You can spot it by the amount of lines and there is where the change of intelligence is spotted.

Also enough times a unit by the name of Bis_SUPP_HQ_EAST is shown at the top with moderate intelligence settings and I have not idea what it is.
This issue started maybe a few weeks back. Not sure because all that time we thought it was our bad shooting and I was trying to get the AI on lower level and finally I realized it did not make any difference no matter what I did. Did learn a lot in the process though :)

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I will verify integrity check

All files verified in Dedicated, HC and player client.

KDN added a comment.Feb 5 2015, 12:47 AM

I run the same mission set up on Arma Stable version with no problem.
The AI is compulated and stays as such through out the mission.

Rpt added above

oukej added a comment.Mar 3 2015, 1:43 PM

Hey, thanks for the feedback.

There were two issues in skill and skillFinal (1.38 and before the command didn't work in MP environment) propagation that have been fixed quite recently.

You can already check the fixes in Dev or RC branch ( Please take a look at them if the info provided is of any help to you.

I run the same mission set up on Arma Stable version with no problem.

Version 1.38? This surprises me, because the propagation of skill didn't work

Edit: I see you've already posted in the issues.

Could you please provide more detail what scripts are you running?

KDN added a comment.Mar 3 2015, 6:44 PM

I am at work right now but I managed to upload the two scripts that relate.
The fnc_aiSettingsKDN4.sqf runs as a function on new AI spawn in HC environment as soon they spawn.
The aiFinalSkill.sqf is scripted to run as the mission ends by default.

I can also run it through the console at any time in the mission, as the example rpts show.

KDN added a comment.Mar 5 2015, 11:43 PM

I am afraid the problem has creeped up to the current STABLE version. :)
Rpt uploaded.

I am planning to do some more tests tonight and report back.

KDN added a comment.Mar 6 2015, 12:32 PM

Confirming again that ALL AI units, irregardless of mission, server or individual settings, are converted within 5 seconds to these settings:
AimingAccuracy: 0.940157
AimingShake: 0.940157
AimingSpeed: 0.970079
Endurance: 0.940157
SpotDistance: 0.388031
SpotTime: 0.65811
Courage: 0.940157
ReloadSpeed: 0.940157
Commanding: 0.940157
General: 0.940157

This unit BIS_SUPP_HQ_EAST also shows up in the report and I have not place it or requested to spawn. It's AI levels are:
AimingAccuracy: 0.577953
AimingShake: 0.577953
AimingSpeed: 0.788976
Endurance: 0.577953
SpotDistance: 0.315591
SpotTime: 0.404567
Courage: 0.577953
ReloadSpeed: 0.577953
Commanding: 0.577953
General: 0.577953

Also confirming that these findings are now seen on the Stable version 1.40.129533 and not just the Dev Branch.

oukej added a comment.Mar 6 2015, 1:22 PM

Could you please try commenting out the "_unit setskill [ "general",1 ];" ? (You don't need that, it's basically the same as simple "setSkill". "General" contains the skill value that gets redistributed into subskills.)

KDN added a comment.Mar 6 2015, 1:45 PM

Will do and report back

I was under the impression that it was another subskill as described here:


oukej added a comment.Mar 6 2015, 1:53 PM

You don't have to :) The issue in the end is that in MP environment the "setSkill array" command (using any sub-skill) overwrites all the subskills of the unit.

KDN added a comment.Mar 6 2015, 3:52 PM

I commented it out but unfortunately it did not change anything.
Such a taxing issue :(
Rpt are up. Went back on Dev branch for the testing.

The Mission is run on Regular level
From Dedicated server profile:



and ALL ai units are spawned, scripted and get rpt'ed on the Headless client machine to keep it simple.

oukej added a comment.Mar 7 2015, 11:34 AM

Closing this issue ( better describes the core of the problem)

Thanks a lot for cooperation on investigation of the issue!