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Speedboat requires weapon stabilization.
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At the current moment the commander's GMG on the speedboats is nearly useless.

The stabilization is absolutely terrible irrelevant if the boat is moving or there are waves.
When going to 300m or more, the weapon becomes so inaccurate a single rifleman could be considered more effective. When going to closer ranges the boat will become the easiest fragile target for any AT soldiers due to its fragility and its incapability to return fire accurately.

What i suggest to be done is greatly improve the stabilization of the GMG on all speedboats along with accuracy. This would make the vehicle decently usable and efficient worth using.

Stabilization technology exists and is implimented in weapon systems no matter land or water. Check out Trackfire Remote weapon stations.
Demonstration video:


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I dont really think that in real life on real waves it works better. This is good as it is, at least realistic.

agree with vlad.

You can try to reduce the waves of the sea(in the editor) and watch what will happen. May be the problem occurs when you have a small storm.

Trackfire's weapon stabilization system is clearly A LOT better as displayed in the video, so how can you "think it doesn't work better in real life with real waves"? You probably didn't even watch the video, check 1:02.

Not only does RWS stabilize recoil and waves outstandingly, it also keeps your target in field of view at all times. The current state is nowhere near realistic and adjusting waves or weather in the editor is not the solution.

As of right now the Speedboats have no stabilization at ALL. They just simply follow the frame of the boat and you have to try to match its movements with your mouse. This is just plain dumb, this technology should be in the game. Arma 3 is set in 2035 and they still don't have equipment capable of doing that? Ridiculous.

Shields is right. It is impossible to hit a single thing with a remote gun on the speedboat riding the waves.

It would be simple nonsense not having this in the future if it is already available now.

But maybe it should only be for the speedboat, since it is esecially difficult due to the waves. Because, you know, CoD kids would say it would be too "OP" on a Hunter/Ifrit/Strider.

Still has not been reviewed.

Anyone who has ever tried killing infantry with the speedboat GMG will know how ridiculously hard it is trying to stay on target.
On top of that the blast/damage for it is just terrible. You might end up spending 30 rounds or so just to kill one guy.

Still an issue in 1.44

I'm not sure but in order to stabilize you must pres T on your target. Once locked on to a target the gun is stabilized and will even hit it when on the move. You just point where you want to hit it.

@Asteliks there is no such feature. You cannot lock on with a GMG.
I think you're confused with the auto zeroing system with MBT's and APC's.

Still an issue in 1.46

Still an issue in 1.48

Still an issue in 1.50