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Losing connection Cause helicopter crash if the pilot is losing connection
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if u have connection problems...and ur in a heli(any type)
heli will crash and kill u


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Windows 7
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Never tried it without mods but enable epoch..enter anyserver.enter a heli as pilot,lose connection

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This is not a bug, if connection is out, you cannot control heli so what is wrong with it? What fix you expect? Heli will be Ai controlled while you havent controls of it and kill every enemy? Can you imagine, how many cheaters will use that to glitch?

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I think, that is a problem for every game, where you are able to control vehicles in multiplayer (f.e. Battlefield Saga, Unreal Turnament 3 & 2004 etc.). What do you expect?

That's why you need a co-pilot. He can take over the controls in such a situation and Arma 3 has the option in all the choppers.

Happened to me three days ago: The pilot got killed in mid-air under heavy fire and I had the chance to take over the control. I crash landed the chopper and saved all the passengers.

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