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Player takes damage when in the gunner seat of a mortar being fired
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When a player is in the gunner seat of a static mortar, and that mortar is fired, the player takes some damage. This happens particularly when at a high elevation and the muzzle is closest to the player. Occurs when all types of ammunition is fired from any static mortar.



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Place down a manned mortar (Or empty mortar and a player)
Set the mortar at around 75 degrees elevation

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Cannot reproduce at any elevation. Are you using some mod?

The damage still occurs in vanilla arma its just not visible with its medical system. With CSE running you will see this damage. If you follow the video it will show you that damage is being taken even in vanilla.

Maybe damage are to little. I never die beacuse of this and never get hurt to need a heal. In other word this isnt serious bug

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I confirm the issue, however it only happens if you use mortar optics and not artillery computer. After shooting the 4 mags with the mortar optics I got killed.

thats beacuse game is require to use artillery computer. There are few users that can calculate required elevation (there is video guides on YT). I recomend to use art computer, but i can say that i also reproduced that finally

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Can confirm. I have also lately used the first person mortar optics, with this handy arty firing solution calculator and every fired HE round damages the player.
The damage received from one HE round varies between 0.02 and 0.04.
After firing all HE rounds i had received 0.678469 damage.
Damages both player and the mortar, no difference between 1st person and 3rd person. Happens on flat and uneven surface.

Using the artillery computer no damage sustained.
Vanilla game, no addons.

I confirm also.
Very annoying.
Could this issue be assigned ?

it seems to happen after patch 1.38
"Fixed: PhysX static weapons are not ‘sleeping’"

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