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Difficult to shoot what is seen in first person when scope is attached
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I've been a long time reader of the issue tracker here and I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this. I've noticed that large rocks and dirt barricades surrounding camps are a pain in the butt to fire from when used as a shield from enemy fire. For example, while leaning out behind a large boulder to fire a couple of shots at the enemy, even though the enemy is clearly in my sights, the scope is basically giving a false reference to what I can hit, as the end of the gun barrel is actually pointing at my cover. I think I would prefer the target cursor that is shown in 3rd person being shown at all times as a true reference to what I am aiming at. At this point, the enemy is already firing, but I will have to move even farther out of cover to fire shots back. {F25497} {F25498}


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Find a large boulder and use it as cover, then try to lean out and fire. You should find that you have to visually lean out farther than what you can actually see from a first person perspective in order to not shoot the edge of the boulder.

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In the attached picture, even though there is an enemy in my sights, upon firing, I am actually just shooting the boulder from which I am leaning out from behind because the the gun barrel is actually pointing at the rocks edge.

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When shooting you must always remember that the sight is higher than a gun's barrel.

So the sight (even colimated one) will always give some kind of wrong reference as the sight is above barrel.

[quote]I think I would prefer the target cursor that is shown in 3rd person being shown at all times as a true reference to what I am aiming at.[/quote]

I think that ArmA 3 is not for you, if you want lack of realism and arcade action go play COD ;-)

But if you still want to play ArmA 3 learning about physics would be good for you. You can always consider going to school ;-)

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I understand the scope is above the barrel, duh. But seeing that this is a game and I can't realistically see the end of the barrel, I think there should be an option to turn on a target cursor for first person, even a toggle would help, and I think it would make first person more enjoyable, seeing how this is actually a game we're talking about here.

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Why use the sights in the first place if you have adaptive crosshair enabled?

Are you asking why use the scope? Or why use iron sights if there's a crosshair? If therre was a crosshair in first person, I would most likely use both, but a toggle button seems more helpful as a crosshair isn't needed at all times

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I gave you a downvote, because it's the same with the ballistics (bullet drop) of far or near distance enemies. Your scope (zoomed view) gives you a minimum distance for example of 300 meters. If you try to shoot someone in the head at a distance of 50m meters, you will have to aim lower, so your bullet won't miss the target.

Thats because of the barrel. If you can see something, doesn't mean, you can hit it. If you know, what happens, then deal with it and correct your stance or aiming.

I know, Arma 3 is just a game, but it tries to do things better than in Counterstrike, Battlefield or Call of Duty. Semi-realism is the trademark of the ArmA Series.

Yeah Koala. thats what i mean and thats why i vote down.

I personally like using realistic ballistics mod and some other mods that make shooting even more enjoyable. Air pressure and temperature, earth rotation, barrel length and many other things finally affect the bullet if you have this mod.

You can find a mods that gives you a scope adjustment in mil clicks, you can find ballistic computer and some other cool things.

This is not arcade game, shooting is supposed to be realistic.

drwbns. If you thinking that unrealistic and simplified is more enjoyable go play COD or CS, in CS you have this damn crosshair and you do not have ironsights nor colimators! For me realistic is more enjoyable!

[quote]I can't realistically see the end of the barrel[/quote]
IRL seeing end of barrel would not help you at all.


By seeing level of intelligence and lack of common sense in this report makes me wanna vomit^^


Go back to COD.

drwbns added a comment.Feb 3 2015, 6:58 PM

Wow, I'm really surprised at the number of downvotes. Guys, I'm not trying to encourage Bohemia to turn Arma into counter-strike. Let's not go crazy here. The realism is why I play this as well. The idea mainly comes from playing campaign and getting headshotting by super accurate AI when trying to fire back from behind cover. In other words, it doesn't matter what stance you use, an AI squad has a pretty good chance of picking you off first even if you take the first shots. All in all, I thought this would make the score a little more even for first person view. As far as bullet drop, I don't see what that has anything to do with what I'm talking about, which is firing from cover with a scope. What kind of makes me laugh about the criticisms here is that they are already planning on adding weapon resting which will probably be just as helpful. All in all, I find the stances to be pretty useless against AI, and I find having to clear my gun barrel from cover puts me more in the open to be picked off. Hasn't anyone played the campaigns?

"I think I would prefer the target cursor that is shown in 3rd person being shown at all times as a true reference to what I am aiming at"

Don't use sights like in the picture. Adaptive crosshair will show up. Problem solved.

If you use the (cheap) adaptive crosshair, non zoomed sights are useless.

He simply wants a way to tell where he's shooting in first person while behind cover. The first person camera doesn't render the same way the third person camera does, if you know what I mean.

And even if he did have a lack of intelligence or "common sense" about how scopes and weapons work in real life, there's no reason he should go play some other game. How would he learn if that was the case?

drwbns added a comment.Feb 5 2015, 6:23 PM

Since what is actually in the game doesn't seem to be clear here. Crosshairs do not show in first person view. Common sense or lack of intelligence is not an issue here, I'm just trying to make first person view a more user-friendly experience. Also, saying that this option isn't realistic and I should go play COD is not an argument considering having a third-person view with crosshair option isn't very realistic is it?

"Crosshairs do not show in first person view."
That is wrong. Are you sure you have it enabled in the first place?

"having a third-person view with crosshair option isn't very realistic is it?"
It's not like you're forced to use these cheap methods.

drwbns added a comment.Feb 5 2015, 9:01 PM

I'm speaking about the white colored adaptive crosshair, it only shows for me when in 3rd person view. Maybe you know something I don't about enabling it in First Person view. My comment above about 3rd person view is my argument to those that say Arma 3 is geared toward realism, I'm not commenting on its usefulness or whether or not people should use it, just stating a fact that it is within the game itself. I believe Arma 3 is realistic, but only to an extent, which is why I think having a first person adaptive crosshair or similar still lies within Bohemia's simulator intentions for Arma 3.

I think third person and the crosshair still exists so people can play the way they want.

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i see no problem with what you refer. Downvoted

The adaptive crosshair shows in first person as well as long as you're not aiming down sights. Check if it's enabled.