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HC rpt spammed
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hc report just gets spammed by network message pending entries. this happened after 2 days of mission start, so i am not able to give any steps to reproduce or information what happened at 23:27:17


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22:22:33 Time was adjusted to keep it same as on server.
23:27:17 Client: Network message 13ac832 (update info 6f272e50) is pending
23:27:22 Client: Network message 13ad03a (update info 6f272e50) is pending
23:27:27 Client: Network message 13ad894 (update info 6f272e50) is pending
16:53:53 Client: Network message 2b03e4d (update info 6f272e50) is pending
16:53:58 Client: Network message 2b04590 (update info 6f272e50) is pending
16:54:03 Client: Network message 2b04cc4 (update info 6f272e50) is pending

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push. this is a issue, that causes the HC to dont spawn any units anymore. therefore it has to be considered a game breaking issue.