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forceWeaponFire not working on commander turrets (Smoke Launcher)
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As per title, when forceWeaponFire is used on a commander turret to deploy smoke it fails to fire.

On a Marid, the code would be:

commander apc1 forceWeaponFire ["SmokeLauncher","SmokeLauncher"];

Smoke fired from drivers works (on an Ifrit for example):

driver car1 forceWeaponFire ["SmokeLauncher","SmokeLauncher"];


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Windows 7
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Play attached mission

0,0,1 fires the Ifrit smokes - all good

0,0,2 and 0,0,3 orders commander to pop smokes for a Marid and Kamysh - but does not fire on my PC

edit: corrected wrong radio numbers!

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vehicle player fire "SmokeLauncher" ?

No, that doesn't work either.

If a player is in a Marid and uses:

commander vehicle player forceWeaponFire ["SmokeLauncher","SmokeLauncher"]

You hear the noise and see the grenades fly out of the barrels, but no smoke is produced.

It was working a few builds back, I even added this to BIKI

tank action ["UseWeapon", tank, commander tank, 0];

works today, dunno about tomo

UseWeapon also broken on Marid (player as commander) Hear the noise but no smoke.

vehicle player action ["useWeapon", vehicle player, player,0];

I take my previous statement back, just tested, it works on Marid just fine

Did you try that demo mission linked to this ticket?

Press 0,0,2 or 0,0,3 on radio.

Is that working for you?

edit: ok agreed - useWeapon action is still working but forceWeaponFire is not.

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should be fixed in 148538

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