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AI blind, deaf and unable to move inside buildings
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Sometimes AI is unable to see me and react to fire. If AI is inside a building, looking the door and I'm behind its corner, if I press ctrl + A\D (I call it "lock lean left\right") AI doesn't see me, even if I fire.
It won't react, neither if it gets hit, nor if you just fire.

1- (it's a take of different AI bugs, playing the single player campaign in the "Elite Warrior" objective during a scouting mission)

2- (from the editor)

3- (single player scouting mission, objective "One shot one kill")

PS: The AI looking at the wall isn't realistic.


  1. Related to: (thanks to mickeymen for report)


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Steps To Reproduce

1-Open the editor.
2-Put an enemy inside a building, looking an opened door.
3-Go next to the door, then "strafe lock" (ctrl+a\d) and try looking the enemy without getting too much exposed into his line of sigt.
4-Shoot: the enemy won't do almost anything (but going prone).

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Wow, he survived headshot - nice on BI!

Surviving headshots makes sense, his helmet saved him: if you notice, the bullets rebound on the wall.
If you hit a soldier's weapon, it will deflect the bullet direction; the same makes the helmet :)

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This is not a helpful ticket. Wrongly structured, mixing many separate issues together without enough debug detail. Please, consider changing this.

You suggest I should make three separate tickets for each of those bugs?

helpful ticket! anyway this video is suggestive...

Yes, three separate tickets with detailed steps to reproduce them. Otherwise it would be very hard to fix those issues.

Started updating the issue. Hope it's good now, I'll make other tickets for the other bugs!

New update with this video (video 3):

I didn't export and upload only that small part of the video, but the linked one will start in the "bug part" you need to see.