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Animation weapon switch issue when choper ramp closes while looking outside with the laser designator
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There is a display issue that occurs when performing the following sequence.


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I climb into a helicopter that has a ramp, e.g. the Huron. (I'm a sniper)
I sit on the rear left seat (the seat which has control of the ramp).
I have a laser designator in my weapon list.
Then I open the ramp of the choper myself (not the pilot) to look outward through the open ramp.
If the pilot closes the ramp and I am still watching through the laser designator, then it happens a bug.
My weapons switch automatically between the laser designator and for example my snipe without ending as if I was scrolling between weapons and selecte each weapon after the other.

Additional Information

I don't know if it is only the case for the sniper or for other soldiers.
I don't know if the zoom or the night mode of the laser designator has an influence on the result.
I don't know if it's happen for each choper.
I think that if I close the ramp myself, it does not happen.

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Tried it myself. Also it doesn't need the pilot to close the ramp to cause the bug. You can close it yourself while looking down the designator and the bug will still appear.