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Unable to Raise or Lower Weapon
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The weapon raising and lowering feature appears not to work after this recent update. No matter what the control scheme, I have been unable to toggle the raised and "relaxed" stance like I should be able to.

I have restarted the mission and the game to see if it was a one time bug but I have been able to reproduce it.


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Steps To Reproduce

1: Spin up a character with a weapon.
2: Try to raise and lower weapon (2x CTRL default.)

Additional Information

I am not sure if this is simply on my end or if it is a larger problem.

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That problem appeared on my machine too, while using the "AGM"-Modification.
In Vanilla-Version it didn't appear.

If you are using Mods, you should try to start it without them.
Maybe this helps :)

FIX: Just set the key for this action again and it'll work.

Its a confirmed problem (by numerous people) with the AGM mod. As its the mods fault, its something BIS can't fix so shouldn't be posted here.

Mods need to close this issue, it's been confirmed as an AGM bug. They'll be fixing it in their next update.

Please close.