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attachTo causes AI to skip all waypoints without moving
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I have found some situations where if I attach a barrel to a truck that an AI drives it will cause the AI to skip all waypoints as if the AI was actually there. {F25429}


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Operating System
Windows 7
AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce
  1. create folder in mission folder named attachto_skips_waypoints_bug.Altis and copy mission.sqm file in to folder.
  2. open arma and load mission in editor
  3. Preview and watch
  4. If you hear the engine start then the bug did not take place. Hit escape and Restart mission. (you might have to restart the mission once or twice before the bug sets in and then he won't start the engine.)
  5. You can now hear the AI acting like he is going through the waypoints but he didn't start the engine and he isn't moving the truck. You can hear him calling the waypoints.
Additional Information

If you remove the attachTo code in the truck's init then he always does the waypoints as planned. Put the attachTo code back in and the bug shows up again. I have tested this reliably in versions 1.36, 1.38rc, 1.39.128921 (dev)

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The mission.sqm file is very simple and shows the bug but I will write for you the script file instead of using an .sqm file if you prefer me to do so. Let me know.

This issue seems to have been fixed and can be closed. Tested in version 1.80

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