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Animation "Acts_carFixingWheel" not playing through script command
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It seems that the animation called "Acts_carFixingWheel" is bugged at some point.

When it's being called through SQF-Code - like for example:
player switchmove "Acts_carFixingWheel"

  • the animation only plays the very first few frames and then abruptly stops.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go to the ARMA 3 Editor and create a new mission on any map (it doesn't matter which one)
  2. Create 1 Player
  3. Start the mission
  4. Press ESC on your keyboard
  5. In the debug console run the following code:

player switchmove "Acts_carFixingWheel"

Additional Information

The issue also happens on Multiplayer

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I reviewed the bug and fixed it. It should be available in today's (21-01-15) DEV branch. Please test it then and close the issue if the problem is solved. Thanks.

It works, however there is this little issue. Player is able to turn and slide during the animation

If it possible, there would have been much better if player was locked movement wise, with only freeview look enabled and the repair animation would be interruptable with any "move" key press.

Thanks for feedback, I will review it ASAP.

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Thanks for revieweing it and good job, Bohemia Interactive.
Way to go guys!

FYI: I am reviewing ALL cut scenes at the moment to be usable via both switchMove and playMove commands. These will be interuptable by pressing movement keys and properly set up. It will be available in DEV branch as soon as I finish the review.

Thank you burkhar, you are the man!

Tested new car fixing animation and how you can interrupt it, this is very good.

Hi KK, today I worked hard on this. Let me just describe the different use of switchMove and playMove (I am quite sure, you know, but for the others) and correct approach to it.

switchMove should be used for interruptable (user input) animations - this will prevent mission makers from need to use UNIT switchMove ""; command after animation finished (this is quite demanding to achieve because animDone EH is not fired in this case) and I think command will be more usable then.

playMove should not be interrupted by user input, to create possibility of movie-like cutscenes and to have smooth transitions between before and after states.

Today I fixed turn around issue with car fixing, now you cannot move while using UNIT playMove "Acts_carFixingWheel".

I am gradually working on cutscenes in general and trying to provide much more possibilities to mission makers with those commands (hopefully I will have some mission briefings from campaign done today). I will have to check it in campaign if the animations works properly as well.

All todays fixes should be available in tomorrows DEV branch (if all the tests will be successful) , so feel free to check if any problem occurs. I will advice (and post list of reworked cutscenes eventually) later today.

Have a very nice day!

I have to fix one small issue, will do that tomorrow morning (CET), hopefully it will make it to the latest DEV branch. Added some mission briefings. Will advice.

My friend was worried that ability to interrupt animations might interfere with when it needs to run in full, but seeing you are separating switch and play move, this is wise decision.

I assume you are new as I havent seen your name anywhere before and you seem to know what you are doing, let me ask you a question many of us would want to know, can you make unit continue to move when reaching for sidearm? I know some members of community attempted it with some success via modding, so basically it could be done without engine changes but since you are Bohemia employee you can request what you need from programmers :)

Hi KK, switching weapons while moving / running is already acknowledged, but ATM I don't know when it will be implemented. Hopefully soon.