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MP host face.jpg / Custom Face not loaded
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Untextetured custome face for the player hosting an MP mission.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Have a custom face face.jpg
  • Host an MP mission
  • Start the Arsenal and look at yourself
Additional Information
  • It works in single-player
  • You cannot change your face while hosting an MP session from the Arsenal
  • Other players do see the face.jpg

The host RPT says: "SetFace error: custom face texture not found in " and then the path to my -profiles followed by "\players\" and my -name argument. The host player face.jpg is under "\Users\" and -name argument instead.

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I can confirm that there is no face.jpg loaded on a dedicated server. Even after reducing it to 90 kB and setting the limit to 1 MB, no one is able to see the face.jpg. Instead the head remains untextured for everyone.

Not sure about self hosted, but in SP it is loaded normally.

This has to be a bug because if you're jpg exceeds the server limit, you should be kicked. However, you can still play without a face.

aeroson added a subscriber: aeroson.EditedAug 19 2016, 7:30 PM

Something similar happens to (one) client if they join dedicated server.
They see their own custom face, others don't.
The custom face is succesfully downloaded to other client computers.

soff%20[socop] = player with custom face
aeroson%20[am%202st] = me
hc2 = headless client
arma3 = dedicated server
we also have hc and hc1, but no SetFace errors for those

Can it be caused by same -profile folder for server and all hcs ?


SetFace error: custom face texture not found in c:\arma3\instances\2402_battalion\profile\users\hc2\
SetFace error: custom face texture not found in c:\arma3\instances\2402_battalion\profile\\players\soff%20[socop]\
SetFace error: custom face texture not found in c:\arma3\instances\2402_battalion\profile\users\arma3\

contains correct face.jpg

the location seems right (if Arma is able to interpret \\ as \), but doesn't really matter as its server with no interface

client (me):

SetFace error: custom face texture not found in c:\users\XXX\documents\arma 3 - other profiles\aeroson%20[am%202st]\

contains correct face.jpg (94kb, 1024X1024)

the location is wrong