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Can no longer use "MenuBack" shortcut in AddAction
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It used to be possible to use MenuBack as a shortcut in AddActions, this would allow using right click to execute actions.

AGM made use of this for cancelling placement actions but it no longer works.


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  1. player AddAction ["Test Action", {hint "right click";}, nil, 1, false, true, "MenuBack"];
  2. Right click or press backspace (using default key binding)
  3. ???
  4. No profit?

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It seems the action was renamed to "navigateMenu" however it still no longer works.

I'm particularly concerned with right click action rather than backspace. I want to hook into that action.

After further testing by commy from AGM, his words

"Did some testing. Seems like even inputAction is broken. RMB never changes on any action if the input is done via RMB. I think that's the underlying issue here."

LordHeart added a comment.EditedMar 30 2015, 8:01 AM

Repo steps for the new information:

0 spawn {
  waitUntil {
    hintSilent str inputAction "OpticsMode";

Pressing Numpad 0 vs. RMB

Can confirm, anything that is a short click on RMB doesnt work as action shortcut or inputaction. that includes "optics", "opticsmode", "menuback". Long press works for actions "holdbreath" and "zoomtemp", however, when bound to action shortcut it is triggered on short press as well.

Both addAction shortcuts and inputAction must work as intended as this is rather crucial functionality for the modders.