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[BUG] artillery scope does not show charge type
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there is a quie annoying bug in arma 3 right now that also were reported by M7SNK at forum

If you are using artillery through scope without artillery computer you can not see the type of charge you are using, therefor rendering using artillery without artillery comp impossible.

FIREMODE DOES NOT SHOW UP ON ARTILLERY SCOPE and the only way to see it is by checking on artillery computer {F25400}


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Ingame UI
Steps To Reproduce

how to replicate:

1 get into mortar
2 open artillery computer, check firemode
3 get back to scope, press F, notice nothing changed/indicated on scope view
4 open artillery computer again and notice firemode changed

Additional Information

Please fix this small but annoying as hell bug, as it makes using artillery impossible

what we want to see: firemode displayed with round speed, so we can calculate solution

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just reported the same thing, annoying because you can't use artillery without artillery computer because of that...

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related to 0023873

just bringing this up, because still no change for just a small add on the UI