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White jagged lines/edges when using FSAA
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When using FSAA, all objects are surrounded by white jagged lines (some are worse than others):

I've tried all of the following options in the Nvidia settings panel, doesn't make a difference:

So currently AA actually introduces jagged edges. In-game ATOC settings do not make a difference.

Others I have spoken to also get this issue, so I'm not sure if it's hardware-related or Arma-related. {F25399}


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Turn FSAA on, notice white jagged lines introduced around some objects.

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Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 970

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I am having this issue too. Please fix.

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Pardon me if I'm not using proper technical terms.
Those are not just white lines. As in the image seen above this only occurs when the view is directed at an object using anti aliasing (a fence belonging to a house in this case) which is in front of a surface with a shadow rendered on it (the house casting a shadow on itself). The lines are not white but in fact the normally lit texture of the house, seen through a narrow "gap" where the anti aliasing is active. That's why it disappears, when AA is off.

It seems the AA does not take into account if the object behind the AA should be darker due to shadow rendering.

Thanks for bringing this ticket up, this has been bothering me for a while as well.

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I'm having this issue aswell, GTX 970. Wish this could be fixed soon.

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I was debating on whether I should make a new post regarding this issue or simply tag onto this old one, but as it stands right now it is still an problem for many people including myself. It's more noticeable with mods, especially when playing on CUP terrains. However, this aliasing bug can be seen in vanilla as well. FSAA on at any level will make these shimmering white lines appear around certain objects especially when there are shadowed textures behind them.

Same for me, on GTX 1080

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This behaviour is being mourned about since the beta phase back in 2013. I reckon this is deeply ingrained in the current Arma 3 renderer and cannot be fixed without moving over to another one (i.e. new dayz renderer). I have wasted a good deal of hours of my life trying to find a suitable fix for this....only compromises thus far. Since i cannot get the amd drivers to override arma 3's AA and disabling either FSAA or shadows is both not a satisfactory option.

But, my lastest 'fix' lies in fully disabling the sharpening filter i.e. setting this to 0. I only realized today that this default 100 sharpening filter increased that white edge problem drastically. This does not fix the underlying issue, but it is way less noticeable. It does not fix the white edges around canopy bars in a helo for instance when flying at a low altitude over water. This is fixed by setting HDR to low...which is not an option at all. I guess another thing that we'll need to wait for until the/a next arma installment ships.

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Confirmed still an issue in the RC of 1.82 Tanks DLC release.