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Subordinate AI not able to change its stance, when he located on snap-positions (1-video)
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When a player give command to your subordinated AI to use snap-position at the fence (watch screenshot), this AI stops at these points. But on this position, AI always will use only the initial body stance. Subordinate AI will not be able to change its stance! On the snap-position, AI can be even rotated back to the enemy, even under enemy fire! In this cases, I'm trying to save the life of this AI and do order "prone" or"crouch", but this AI,does not execute order!
It may not seem like a significant problem, however, this item is very bad consequences for each AI in the player squad.

  1. This AI can be easy to killed. He never lives long time on this snap-point, because he can't bend down or get down on the ground.
  2. This AI is not able to shoot more accurately from crouch or prone positions, on this snap-point, such fighter is less effective.

In 100 percent of cases this happens in the middle of objects (snap-positions), but sometimes this can happen, also on the corners.
On the corners of buildings the AI sometimes takes the order and can lie on the ground, but it is not stable and requires also attention.

Please fix this, AI should stably follow all orders from the actions menu, while located on any snap-positions. {F25369}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open editor.
  2. Place your squad about any building or fence(player commander).
  3. Select one soldier from your group.
  4. Order to use any snap position near building or fence (not corners positions).
  5. When soldiers will stop at the specified position, order him to lie down or sit down in crouch.
  6. Soldiers will not obey.
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They always do for me. Even in combat mode.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 8:04 PM

Yes, mickeyman have right. UPVOTED! this need to be fixed, when ai stands on desired position (scripted by the game, over the cover) ai will not change stance, can only stand.

It is a pity that such details, are not paying attention.

I found this problem too. +1, needs to be fixed!

I think it never be changed, but shit, it tells only about developer.

Luckily there's mods, but it's a pity that a military sandbox has for so much time bugs like this...I think I won't buy more BIS games if they'll keep having these problems for so long. :\