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Helicopters Too Fragile
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I was hovering only about 50 meters above the ground in a Huron and I lost my engine and as I was slowly descending I bumped into the ground and exploded in a huge fireball after a very soft landing.... It's ridiculous how such a soft landing could result in anything like it did. Not only this but helicopters have always been so fragile, my rotors had not been taken out yet I had not seen any sign of autorotation.


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I agree on this. Also Dslyecxi talks about it in this video:

Most important IMO:

  • Give skids the ability to absorb more energy
  • Reduce chance to roll over (this happens A LOT)
  • Allow helicopter to fly through leaves instead of exploding (also counts for the rotor)
  • When rolling over, helicopter should NOT explode into a fireball.

This would give friendlies a chance to extract you after a crash and could cause some cool scenarios.

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ACE really fixed helicopter crash landing in Arma 2 and I wish BIS would make it similar.

Totally agree. Plus: when I try to land the Huron or just take away power from the rotors, suddenly the helicopter gets all wobbly and loses like 10-15 meter of altitude. If I wouldn't go on full throttle in this phase the Huron would crash like a stone!

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Dear pilot,That's the vortex ring ,too intisive decrease of vertical speed occurs vortex and as a consequence huge lost of altitude . we have to focus on the approach.

Considering the full throttle that's a solution I know to avoid crash.

I would like to mention that the huron-chinook 3750 horse power sometimes is not
Properly simulate while sling loading a strider well stuff.Maybe a work to do there.

Yeah vortex ring can be a killer, i remember it from DCS Ka-50.
Solution for it is to increase power and try to fly forward (i hope translational lift was implemented).

Vortex ring happens mainly during hovering, when you try to land and descend too fast it can happen.

But anyway this do not change the fact that helicopters should not behave like armed aerial bombs. Hard landing should damage helicopter, but there is a big difference between unflyable damaged helicopter and big aerial bomb explosion...

You should have at least some chances to survive this crash, depending on how hard landing was you could survive without injuries or get injured during hard landing, even die if the landing was really hard...
...But those explosion looks like a hollywood movie...
...And its far from being realistic...

They talked about the petty stuff that can blow a chopper up when the released the helicopter DLC. Think they were talking about that they can't do much about it, or they aren't going to do anything about it. It's better than it used to be, but if I roll over slightly in the chopper, it shouldn't be as if a nuclear bomb dropped on me.