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DX11 Error: CreateTexture failed : DXG1_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED
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This error happens all the time in arma, It used to be only in multi-player after presumably 5 minutes it happens all the time and is a very annoying error. {F25359}


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Play Arma
Go on any server
Then you get the error.

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After looking around the internet I think it may be a driver error. I have the Intel HD4000, I know its not that good but it never used to have this error.

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Our group started to have the same problem couple of days ago. We have a very different rigs (mine is Intel Core i7, GF660, 8GB RAM) and - that's the strange thing - 2-3 players from our group (incl. myself) experience crashes almost simultaneously, maybe with 3-5 minutes difference. Sometimes Windows reports that videodriver was not responding, sometimes Arma just freezes.

Yea it happens all the time all are related to direct x but most of the time it is different errors.

Another error is now poping up saying "D3D Error - DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED.

Iceman added a comment.Jan 6 2015, 9:34 AM


thank you for your report and files. It seems that your problem is that DirectX crashes. This may be from various reasons, such as outdated DirectX, outdated drivers, overclocked CPU or GPU [by manufacturer or user] and many more.

Sadly, there is nothing that can be done from our side. I linked this problem to bug number #0000579, where you can read useful tips in comments. Also, please check out the forums page for another useful tips:

Sorry for the inconvenience, have a nice day.