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some action menus disappear
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randomly some action menus such entering vehicles, use first aid, use repair action and etc disappears and never show up again even if I exit game and restart it from last save, so I have to completely restart that mission from beginning and whole of my saved progress will gone!

I don't know how it can reproduce but surely happens sometimes, but from what I remember, when I try to heal one of my team members and heal action won't be successful, this issue show up but not always!


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A very annoying bug, which can break a whole mp session because the medics can't heal or get in a vehicle. Please fix this asap!
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I can also confirm this issue. This issue is related to the 'Treat' animation fix that was implemented by Bohemia a few patches ago. The fix stopped the unit treating from teleporting in front of the unit being treated. After this patch however we found that medics would randomly lose all their actions and hear a constant treating sound from the treat animation.

The only way to fix this bug currently is to respawn to break the loop. I have also implemented an alternative action that bypasses the use of FAKs and Medikits. This bug has been tested in a dedicated & local server running nothing but stock ArmA 3 content.

This bug is less likely to happen when treating yourself, but much more likely to happen treating others. Almost seems like a dsync issue as if the unit being treated hasn't correctly informed the treater that the healing has been successful.

Hope this helps lead to a fix ASAP!

Bug has been reproduced and assigned over at

Good job lads!

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AS it's been fixed in dev so will be fixed in 1.40.