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AI do not sling load at given waypoints
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when i observed the AI helicopter HEURON(cant spell) to be exact fly over to the slammer tank, i was hoping it would pick it up and fly away.

but instead the helicopter decended and then took off and hovered above the waypoint as usual.

this was in an open area on stratis island airbase!! no obstical issues


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Sling Loading
Steps To Reproduce

load stratis
place player unit
place 2 other units 1 being of AIR origin and 1 of vehicle origin
place the waypoints for the helicopter to sling load the vehicle
press preview and observe

can fast foward if you wish, does not affect the outcome

Additional Information

i used the heuron and the slammer tank on my test.
is this too heavy??

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tried lighter vehicles... the helicopter just does mad circling around the car and eventually does the decend then acends again...

The Slammer tank, as you guessed already, can't be sling loaded by a heli.

Either use the canSlingLoad command to check if sling loading is possible, or check in the config viewer if a sling load memory point exist for the vehicle to be sling loaded.