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AI Pilots are incapable of flying with cargo using LIFT CARGO and DROP CARGO waypoints.
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The AI appears to lack any ability to account for the vehicle under it's helicopter pulling on it. This hilariously makes the AI pilot glitch out and he goes around in circles and occasionally flys over the object hes trying to pick up (tested with hunter). On the first attempt to get this to happen again, the AI took approximate 7 circles before he picked up the hunter at airstation mike 26,he then flew to Stratis airbase, where he did some crazy stunts (going in circles, almost flipping the helicopter upside down multiple times) another 22 times before he finally dropped the vehicle.

In the video linked below, was my second attempt to get this to happen again, but this time the AI wasn't as abysmal with its piloting, this is still pretty brutal regardless.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Put a huron piloted by an AI down in the editor on Stratis (set its special attribute to FLY
  2. Put a empty hunter in the middle of airstation mike.
  3. Give the huron a LIFT CARGO waypoint directly ontop of the hunter.
  4. Give the huron a second waypoint (DROP CARGO) at the air strip at the Stratis Airbase.
  5. Go in editor and watch the AI struggle to pick up the vehicle. (VERY Inconsistant it seems, recommend doing multiple trials)
Additional Information

It would appear this problem has gone unnoticed for a while. Though I would assume the recent 1.36 update broke the AI behaviour for these two waypoint types and nobody bothered to notice.

Video link:

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I can confirm this to 100 %. Using the waypoints causes the transporting helicopter to fly circles. Extending the waypoint radius is not helping.

Possibly related to #24030.

I think this is a seperate issue to The way points are being observed correctly, just the AI pilot isn't up to the job here.

@OP: Issue with pickup at Mike-26 seems to be the nature of the enviroment. Tested at various open locations and the Huron was able to attach on the first pass every time. Adding in a few obstacles seems to trigger the 'risk avoidance' in the AI pilot and they make multiple approaches until they are happy.

Drop off seems to be directly related to the AI pilot coming last in his class. Definately seems to be not able to compensate for the momentum of the cargo. Most noticible in that it seems to have everything under control until the orientation of the helo is radically changed in the final section of the drop where the momentum of the cargo is close to 90 deg to the helo.

Either way, only fix is to send the AI back to Flight School for a do-over.

NOTE: Tested in current Dev (1.55.133799)