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Launcher not usable when offline
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When i have steam offline, the launcher MODS become unusable. I can understand that mods cannot be updated, but the whole screen stays gray and even if you try to load the game all the mods are not loaded. You cannot edit the selections either.. I think this is a game breaker as i use my laptop on the go all the time to build missions where i cannot be online. I hope this can be changed in the future as i really enjoy the launcher


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restart steam is offline mod, and load launcher. The mods section because unavailable.

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this issue was resolved in the last game update 1.42. From this version on only the functions that require online interaction with the Steam are disabled when the Steam client is offline or not available.

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Can game be updated without steam online? Its very gamebreaking for me - my steam account was hacked and valve support havent reply to me since month- they ignoring me. Can you add something like offline updates or offline patcher please? It would be very useful for Offline players. Beacuse what can i do now? waiting? next month?