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Physics of fall grenades are not realistic.
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Today, (v1.36) the physics of fall grenades are very not realistic.
After throw, the grenade falls to the ground and instantly sticks to the ground!
In real life grenade should bounce off the ground and jump several second.
Also, after the fall, the grenade should slide down the mountainside.
Instead, the grenade will always be instantly stick to the ground or mountainside.


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place soldier(player) in the virtual reality.
  2. Throw a hand grenade or smoke grenade under the feet of the player.
  3. Get sticking to the ground.

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Yea, they work a lot better on the dev branch.

"Have you tried it on dev? The physx engine has been updated on dev"

I am don't use dev branch. When this will be fixed in the main branch?

It probably will be in the 1.38 update.

"I am don't use dev branch"

Dev branch is what stable branch will be like, a glance into the future. If you report a bug with stable branch it may already be fixed on dev branch. I suggest you test your bugs on dev branch first before submitting them to feedback tracker, they might be fixed already.

You are right regarding the error. The bug might already be fixed in the dev version. But I don't want to use raw material with potential glitches. For this reason I don't use dev.

If the fall grenades will be fixed in the update 1.38, I will be very happy.