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AI can see through smoke barrier. This should not be!
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At first I doubted it, but after experimentation I realized that the AI sees through the smoke. This should not be! When I use the smoke barrier, the AI should not see player or much to lose accuracy of shooting


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oukej added a comment.Jan 13 2015, 6:19 PM

Thank you for the report! Could you please provide repro mission?

If I throw a smoke grenade between me and the AI and let the smoke build up

  • the AI isn't be able to see me
  • if the AI already knows about me it will estimate my position based on the previous movement. Smoke isn't a hard cover, so the AI will try to shoot for some time at this estimate location.

ok, but create such a mission would be difficult. This happens inside of a battle, when i try create the smoke barier between me and the enemy. (most likely due to several reasons)

Try using the smoke grenade module, make it permanent, disable the AI move ability and see how the AI can see through the smoke.

BIS, you should know, initially the AI was able to correctly react to a smoke barrier, or he ignores it?
I still don't understand it.

Yes, it should :) Smoke obscures the AIs view. I've described the behavior in the first post.

Then most likely, the AI shoots at the previous my position, without seeing me... However I don't know how it works actually. The result AI is killing me, when I try to hide(