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Certain missions that used to work in dedicated server no longer load on dedicated server.
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For the past couple months I have been unable to load certain missions on a dedicated server that used to work fine. I first noticed the issue on November 4th, and that was the first time I played Arma in over a month. I had no issue playing the missions in September and earlier, and I changed nothing with my mods, nor were the missions changed. I figured it might have been an issue with a new patch, however what is incredibly confusing and frustrating is that all of the missions that won't load on the dedicated server work with no problems on the listen server. So, it is not the missions or the mods themselves that are the problem it seems. My Arma 3 client and server are installed on the same machine and both load their mods from the same folders, so there are no differences in files that would cause this. The installed mods and load orders are also identical.

A list of most, but not all of the missions that I have tested that don't work are doomsday_night_2, doomsday_night_3, Whatthefuckdidyoujustsay.Takistan, and ambush.Shapur_BAF. The doomsday missions I got from the steamworkshop and the other 2 are missions my friend made.

What happens is that for the affected missions is that I am able to select them, and then it is able to load the screen where I choose a character. I select a character, and then start the mission, and it will begin loading. After the mission loads for a bit I will be brought back to a splash screen (the one with the picture of Stratis), and in the dedicated server console it will say the mission has failed to load because of a missing addon. {F25303}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start Dedicated server and client on local machine
  1. Connect client to dedicated server
  1. Select one of the affected missions
  1. Select a character
  1. Start the mission
  1. Mission will begin to load, but the mission will stop loading and show a splash screen and the server console will indicate the mission has failed to load due to a missing file(s).
Additional Information

I made a thread about this issue in November, but I wasn't able to get this issue resolved.

That thread has links to the Whatthefuckdidyoujustsay.Takistan pbo and the mods it uses, which may be useful for troubleshooting.

One very strange thing I noticed when looking through the rpt files is that it said that I couldn't play doomsday_night_3 because it is depedent on wapaddon when I know for a fact that the mission doesn't use that mod. This is in the arma3server_2014-12-19_06-02-10 log.

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I fixed this issue a while ago. It was a problem with an incorrectly configured mod/mission. Can I close it?

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