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I can not play with friends in cooperative and not online
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Hi guys I can not play with friends in cooperative and not online.

I can not play with friends in cooperative and not online,and can not do?

to play I have to put the Hamachi,and create a server....the question is going awful,,,unable to create a game officialy, thus many bugs, ping are created, and becomes unplayable and I'm outraged.

I have good conexion fiber optical.

I think a server ArmaA III, using the game correctly, my friends invite you to enter,and says the server is not responding....and is a real shame

What exactly should I do to create a server or a room? as it has always been ,and enjoy this unique game with my friends,I hope your help friends.



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I opened the following ports:

And 2302,2303 of ArmA III.

As they do :(

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Umm, are you saying you can't join them? Are you host or are they host? The host is the one who has to forward their ports. Try all of these ports for good measure
Make sure you are using TCP and UDP correctly.

It should work if you port forward the right ports. Did your friends try to use Remote IP Connection?

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Hi,@Benargee,@TakeHome when I have some time I test,open some more ports.

I guess my friends do not have these open ports,and hence the problem comes.

Thanks,A Greeting.

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Only way to host for me is to go in bridged mode because I can't port forward ports. This is a really sucky thing from Steam.

St.jimmy and how does that?
I think it should to address this issue more than any other ;-(