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Suppressed weapons cast off light around shooter
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When firing a suppressed weapon, there is still a bright light emitted from the weapon, even though there is very little (or no) flash from the weapon. {F25297} {F25298}


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Steps To Reproduce

1.) Enter editor, any map (VR used in testing)
2.) Set mission time to an hour where there is no natural light. Place player avatar away from any artificial lighting.
3.) Select player avatar which has a suppressed weapon (NATO Recon Scout)
4.) Load mission, fire several shots. You will see light cast onto hands and surroundings of shooter.

Additional Information

Expectation: Suppressed weapons, while not completely free from emitting light, should reasonably have almost no light at all cast off them when firing.

Observation: The difference in emitted light levels between suppressed and unsuppressed weapons is negligible, if there is any at all.

Recommendation: (Further) Reduce the light level of emitted light from weapons which are using a suppressor by 90%.

This issue was explored in issue 0000768, but no resolution has been demonstrated and the ticket has been closed.

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This was fixed a while ago

I think you're correct, so far as the effect is reduced. Took me a while to notice it, but yes, I'm convinced that there is a REDUCTION in emitted light when firing a suppressed weapon. There is still enough light to give away your position easily, however. The ground is still illuminated.

Perhaps this is only preference, but I would imagine darn near no light or none at all would be more reasonable. What do you think?