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Launcher mission/mod/addon management , submission process and flagging system for Steam Workshop
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There are a number of features which would be great to incorporate into future Launcher updates. Here are some I feel would be useful and some suggestions:

  1. The holy grail is that when a user subscribes to a mission - associated addons are acquired automagically from either Steam or AH in the background and automatically updated in the Launcher. Active missions - i.e. those that have acquired all necessary mods need to have an active 'green light' condition showing ready to be played.
  1. Content/Mission submission flags need to be set automagically based on the uploaded content. i.e. mod, addon, single mission, multi-mission/campaign etc. This will prevent content makers abusing the flag system - to get extra hits whilst at the same time messing up the SW category listings. This is an important issue since it devalues the SW since it becomes increasingly more difficult to find the content type users are looking for.
  1. The Launcher needs to be able to integrate with Armaholic - I know this requires AH to provide additional d/l functionality. Tough nut to crack! Related to point 1.
  1. Steam WS needs to support multiple files for episodic scenarios. The content creator must therefore be able to add additional entries to the multi-mission list. Or in instances where a single mission has a second episode added the flag needs to be adjusted. (see point 2 and 8).
  1. Mod compatibility and stability is checked and flagged. Tough but very important issue imo since unstable mods often create significant frame rate / performance degradation issues for Arma3 - contributing to a significant portion of the unfair performance criticism levied at Arma3.
  1. Expansion menu in Arma3 should imo be used only for official expansions/DLC's thus forcing the use of the Launcher for all non standard content.
  1. The definition of what constitutes a mod or addon needs to be more clearly differentiated. At present it is unclear what constitutes either resulting in many mission makers checking all flags. See point 2.
  1. Steam Workshop needs to add a feature to allow content providers to adjust incorrectly set flags - alternatively and a better solution see point 2. Point 2 becomes more essential when one considers SW database re-indexing caused by flag changes.
  1. The Steam voting system needs to have a mechanism to stop abuse 'down voting' to adjust relative queue position of the SW player's mission. I have noticed that many mission makers down vote competing missions in order to push their submission higher in the SW listing. This is currently causing lag on SW listings. Suggest force users to subscribe to the mission they are voting for and a cool off voting 'period' of 30 mins since the user subscribed to the mission. In reality - a subscriber should not be in a position to vote on a mission until he has downloaded and played it.
  1. Log spamming is becoming an increasingly important issue particularly with certain mods and resultant significant slow down in Arma3 load times. By default logging needs to be off imo requiring user intervention. See point 5.
  1. The use of CBA and mod/addon dependencies needs to be addressed.
  1. Slightly off topic but related in terms of Launcher usage - Arma3 must shut down reliably - after exiting to the launcher. At present Arma3 often stays resident after closing Arma3 and exiting back to the launcher - this may relate to active mods/addons - cannot replicate reliably and I have seen Arma3 stay resident with no mods running. Tickets 0022389 and 0021921



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Although this is probably not a major issue but I have received plenty of complaints that my campaign is marked as an addon in the workshop. It clearly bothers some who are just looking for mods but instead finds a bunch of addon-type campaigns.
And it's a pain to manage both a campaign version and an addon version of your work. I would love to see a feature that allows users to publish their pbos directly as a campaign.

Best Regards,

Gekon added a comment.Feb 10 2015, 5:03 PM

From a technical perspective, mod (depreciated: addon) is something you need to load using the mod parameter or a launcher, while scenario is something that could be loaded by the game on the fly. So everything is either a mod or a scenario.

What we want to do is make workshop items tagged with campaign to be displayed in the campaign screen.

Gekon added a comment.Feb 10 2015, 5:19 PM


  1. I agree with that. Not easy to do though, we'll try. More info in the future.
  1. Scenario and Mod (addon is depreciated) are now exclusive. It's a technical perspective: scenarios can be loaded on the fly, mods cannot.
  1. We are thinking about 3rd party support, but nothing solid yet.
  1. Working hard on this one. Soon (tm).
  1. There are lot of things that can go wrong with mod creation and no deterministic steps to test or even fix such issues. Optimization will likely stay in the hands of creators in the future.
  1. We are looking into Expansion menu redesign, currently counting with both official and community mods, but with slightly expanded filtering and functionality.
  1. addon - single file, needed to be loaded when the game starts

mod - single or more files, needed to be loaded when the game starts
scenarios - loaded on the fly by the game, available in scenarios menu
we will be removing addon tag from workshop soon and only mod will stay

8+9) This is outside of our direct control. Valve is the owner of the Workshop platform and only they can adjust the functionality. But thanks for the feedback, I'll pass it on.

  1. Logs are our primary source of info to support such cases. Optimization will likely stay in the hands of creators.
  1. Dependencies are on the list. For workshop mods, we plan to include easy subscribe all.
  1. Will look into that, thanks!

Thanks for the feedback. I'll push where I can. As you can see, some of the things are already being worked on, but it often turns out being more difficult than expected.