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Huron Helicopter sound too loud when entering vehicle
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Every time when i enter either version of the Huron a very loud sound of your character putting the seat buckle on. Its very loud and is only heard on left hand side of your character and its very painfull to hear especially when wearing headphones. At first i thought it was one of the mods i was running but same issue even when running vanilla version of arma.


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I have the same.. Might be usefull to state which headphones you use.
I have a Logitech G35

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I noticed this as well, but I don't think a specific set of headphones causes this, 'cause mine are rather generic. Occurs when entering a Huron (both variants, pilot/co-pilot/passenger/gunner position) and it is only audible in 1st person. Running no mods here.

Dupe of #21268.