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Sniper AI
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Ai are way to accurate. If player aiming is so swaying, ai should be too. And if i lying on ground, and enemy rifleman is about 650meters away from me and he start shoting to me using only ironsights he will hit me with 1st or second shot ALWAYS. If i lie on ground and enemy too and i dont see him (we are in high grass) i almost instantly dying beacuse of uber ai is seeing me even through thickest grass on the world


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In campaign there is a mission where your comrade is flying on mine and you need to get to some support - i didnt pass this mission beacuse i'm allways dying beacuse of uber ai shooting - i cannot hide and shot them before they snipe me down first.

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Any progress?

God, this is about edit 6 or 10 lines, there is mods which are doing that maked from tenagers, so You cant do that? If you want make it better it can be depended of Ai dificulty level.

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mate, seriously...

you cant just expect BI to fix the AI just by saying "they too accurate, they are uber AI"

you havent attached any demo mission or video showing them that this happens....

less information means less BI can help you, you should know this!!!

What video? If they are shoting as snipers, see you through flora and obstacles and smoke, i think its enough explain.
But if someone have limited imagination here is video


Hey & thanks for the report.

Even on recruit difficulty the AI skill can be high. Such behavior depends on too many factors.

Without an exact situation, precise repro steps or a simple repro mission I can't do much, sorry.

Regarding the foliage/smoke, please ref. to

OK, go to presentation>infantry mission. I was on the left hill side of ditch where you team is supposed to move at mission start. I saw enemy 200-300m from me, i started to shoot to them being behind the cover - i was able to see and attack one enemy at the time. then the farest enemy i started engage (350-400m) sented me only one shot and he hit headshot on me. With one shot! I watched him carrefully after camera showed him after my dead, and he had green dot sight (something like cobra) . I repeated that mission few times, but my nerves getted out of control when 4th time enemy selled me headshot wothout shooting 5 rounds (always less than 5 rounds and i die). I wounder how this is possible and suppose to be realistic? With "drunk sailor" weapon swaying, and green dot sight while being supressed (i was shooting to him and hitting!)

Something need to be changed - when ai get hit, his aiming abilities should reach almost zero (0). He should shoot all around you just like you when you are tired and drunk (weapon swaying is just ridiculus in this Arma III - everybody is using mods)

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AI always be shooting through damn grass.. Even if they see a very small portion of you.

Yeah, and they will hit in head - with max 3th shoot

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There have been several improvements in the last 6 months - ranging from aiming error adjustments, suppression to visibility tweaks (vegetation, grass, smokes).

I believe this issue has been fixed by these. Could you please check?