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overhaul needed for difficulty settings in MP
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Here are some suggestions to improve the way games are setup on MP servers. These are related to server difficulties settings (eg: Recruit, Regular, Veteran, Elite).

  1. allow more difficulty profiles (not limited to the 4 profiles recruit/regular/veteran/elite (since veteran and elite force some settings disabled some admins only use recruit and regular)
  1. allow admin to change difficulty settings individually (bypassing server defined profiles)
  1. players can check the settings at any time (as for "PARAMETERS" settings, where values are displayed in the Log section of ingame briefing)
  1. fix difficulty settings issues
  1. add more difficulty settings that are forced by server
  2. planned/random dynamic weather
  3. terrain/object/shadow distance view
  4. thermal imaging (change by weapon/vehicle type)


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I agree with the difficulty settings but things like shadows being forced by the server, it's going to make a lot of players with low-end computers find other servers/leave. Shadows have a huge performance impact in this game.

Also, some settings made available to server admins may cause mission editors to lose "control" over their missions if their settings in the description.ext and whatnot don't override the server settings.

But I really think server admins should be able to customize the difficulty settings.

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Even if shadows have huge impact, server admins still should have control over them (forced value or free for all) and players notified of server's settings.

As another suggestion difficulty settings & mission settings should be combined in one view for more easy access to information and control:

  • in server list
  • in game lobby under parameters button (or 2 buttons: generic, aka difficulty, settings and mission settings)
  • in game briefing under log sectio.

Difficulty settings should be editable by game admin in the same way mission settings are.

Server admins should have the last word over mission settings made available by mission makers. Players should be explicitly informed when difficulty and mission settings are different from the default values (modified by game admin) by highlighting modified values in red and default values in green.

Many times the game/server admin chooses the wrong difficulty profile and only notices it at mission start (eg: 3rd view and weapon crosshair enabled) because the individual difficulty settings are not visible to anyone and not editable in game lobby after mission is selected.

Another suggestion is easy creation/modification of profiles for difficulty and mission settings in the game lobby by logged in admin

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