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SetObjectTextureGlobal - texture not updating / visible until player moves close to object
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This issue has been logged for a long time but so far it has just been ignored and the respective ticket deleted/closed due to BIS inactivity. Despite it's relative unimportance it does have a major negative effect on modding and the content making community. Custom textures are a critical part of mission making and reliably being able to change them is key to making professional missions.

Currently SetObjectTexture and its Global counterpart do not work reliably. Custom textures do change but in many cases the results are unreliable at best with either the texture not displaying at all or display is delayed until the viewer is very close to the textured object - i.e. switching in game. This looks very unprofessional and kills the effect the missions maker is trying to achieve.


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Before starting make sure all players who are testing the custom texture you are about to make have gfx viewing distance set to > 1500 and object distance > 100m in their graphics settings.

Now create a custom texture - use SetObjectTextureGlobal to add a texture to say a noticeboard. Place a few playable players at a say 100m or less from the noticeboard. Save mission as MP. Start MP mission and get some colleagues to join the available slots. Walk towards the noticeboard and compare what each player sees on their screen. Some might see the custom texture others will not. In some cases the texture might only appear when right next to the noticeboard. Note this does not have anything to do with gfx viewing settings.

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thank you for submitting the ticket. Is it possible to upload a repro mission and provide repro steps for it?
Thank you very much!

This is a generic issue (and well known issue) that effects all people who make missions / mods etc. Just look at the forums - everyone experiences custom texture flashing in and out and late / non display of custom textures. This is a known issue - BIS has been aware of it since A2 days. I explained how to recreate the issue - above. It shouldn't be necessary to explain in any further detail.

The issue seems to be much more prevalent when using jpg texture files.

Interestingly if a custom texture is not displaying even at close distances <100m - using binoculars or scope and looking at the object forces the custom texture to display.

Also - once the custom texture has displayed correctly in game - subsequent views display the texture correctly. This applies to the editor and MP levels which are restarted.

i.e. if the texture doesn't display the first time the mission is loaded and if you can get the texture to display by moving very close to the textured object or viewing the object with a scope - forcing the object to redraw correctly (get loaded and cached), subsequent previews seem to work correctly. It's the first load that is problem. It looks like this issue is some kind of texture caching/refresh issue.