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Fences in Arma 3 are animated and have no physical properties (with video)
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Currently all the fences in the game, are getting slowly animated like they were knocked over, whenever you hit them with whatever vehicle, which from a visual stand point looks ridiculous to any eye. Another issue I have spotted is that as fallen fences don't have physical properties, they may serve as a nice sniper cover...

Watch the demonstration -->

I personally think, implemented physics engine in the game is pointless if you don't even utilize at least 20% of it's potential? (Doors are animated, pre existing falling props on the map are animated, the main character is by the most part is animated unless you have died, if almost everything is animated why would you need a physics engine? the only things which really are physical in Arma 3 are: vehicles and some objects you spawn via editor (not objects which already exist on the map) as well as when you die and become a rag doll. (Didn't check how the fast roping was, but APEX cloth could work very well on simulating a proper rope)

So how about instead, turning fences into some physical props?

Performance wise yes, it could be an additional stress to the engine which can't even use CPU properly, so there is a risk to loose frames, but how about at least turning fences into a physical prop in the moment you hit something and then after it fell down, remove it's physical properties from it and leave it as a regular object? That could work out.


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Just hit fences with any vehicles

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