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Change magezine and change weapons
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can't change magezine while moving and also can't change weapons while moving. and really hope u can let those tripods work,not just be adornments.


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No you cannot change weapon on the move, unfortunately, but you can change magazine. Have you got repro?

what is REPRO? xD i don't understand that why a soldier can't change his weapon while running? and the tripods should work. thanks.

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One of the quirks of vanilla ARMA is that you cannot change weapons while moving. There are mods that address this issue.

You should, however, be able to change magazines while moving. I can.

There is whole other ticket about the inability to change weapons on the move with millions of upvotes. I am asking for repro on inability to change magazine on the move, which should be possible.

no reply in 1 month assuming resolved