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Headless Client gets kicked for wrong signature for heli dlc ebo files.
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The signature files in the dedicated server version for the heli DLC seem to have a signature error. Trying to use a headless client with the dedicated server fails as the headless client gets kicked for wrong signature files with error:
20:54:12 Player headlessclient: Wrong signature for file C:\A3_dedu\heli\addons\air_f_heli.ebo


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Dedicated Server
Steps To Reproduce

Install the ArmA 3 dedicated server (appid 233780) version trough SteamCMD.
Create a dedicated server with verifySignatures=2;
Follow HC setup:
When the HC connects it gets kicked after a while for the wrong signatures.

Additional Information

I also installed the dedicated server trough SteamCMD into a secondary dedicated server box and tried to connect a HC from there the issue still persisted. Then I setup a quick server on the secondary box and tried to connect a HC locally and the issue persisted.

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This is temporarily fixable by copying the A3root/heli/addons contents from a full client version (appid 107410). Validating the files with SteamCMD then downloads the broken files and breaks it again needing the files from the full client again. Seems like the EBO files that come with the server installation are way smaller than with the client installation. Also maybe worth to note that the main and secondary dedicated boxes mentioned in the ticket are in different countries (FR & FIN).

thanks eRazeri, your report helped to find the cause ;)
you fully right that the .EBO server files got corrupt signatures

we will try solve it asap

note: dedicated server data package was updated,
please reupdate/reverify your installs

loudnl added a subscriber: loudnl.May 7 2016, 7:55 PM

Having exactly the same issue. Using english server files.
Downloaded fresh dedicated server files and followed all steps in the wiki.
The client gets kicked instantly on connection to the server with the message of unsigned PBO's.

Not getting any update with steamcmd?

Waiting for license info...OK
Success! App '233780' already up to date.

Thank you, I've now confirmed that the updated server data now works as intended on both my main and secondary dedicated server boxes.

loudnl added a comment.Dec 5 2014, 1:48 PM

After redownloading the complete package it works for me too. Thanks.

solved by server package update with correct EBO signatures