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We simply deserve better
It is not fair that you have a DEv version or beta of the tools to test dynamic and uuntested version of tools out with before applying tomasses on steam

I will simply say that nobody asked for this new updates at any point in any time and it is beyond any reasonable persons sanity to be the victim of such experimentaion of ill founded design process as we have experience whilst continuing to make content for the betterement of Arma series longevity.
I fear and fail to see how MANW competiion can be seen as an equal platform when those using BIS tools have a negative workflow vs those using Official tools , i for one didnt take part for that reason .

In summary you have deleted many hours of work , you have never IMO updated tool functions based on this feedback trackers data and subsequent requests , you have only ever Fixed what is seen to be fit and then tried to match what the community tool offers and made a complete and utter mess of that.

Please please consult and listen isntead of this dictorial attitude of We will add this and take that and change UI because it makes sense to only those writing the BAD code and nobody else on this the USER end of the tools.

thanks for the opportunity to rant i hope you see it as a valid one as a result of years of frustraion.


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start steam watch it update
open tools and project the same you did the day before
now the tools will be broke and take 5000% longer to achieve what you achieved the day before

"3D artists will be happy to know that binarized models are now correctly copied by Addon Builder, regardless of your white-list option (*.P3D). Like Publisher, this tool has also received improvements"

No it does not and no it has not , its recieved a Break and is now broke as usual but at least its consistant in its breaking

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Its the Dev-Branch. Errors are bound to happen. On the other hand, I've had no problems with the Dev Brach tools.

Why did you choose "Arma 3 Dev" for the Game Version field?

Please close
i mistook this for Feedback tracker seems i was in the forum of Fanboys who post without knowledge of the subject

Problem fixed by myself again
P.S you might want to

(A) stop TOM from messing with files and send back to take on mars Localisation strings

(B) look into Clear temp folder on Larger PBOS specificcally terrains , seems there is a dirty loop on the larger files for binarising and packing